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Marquan Teetz (he/him/his)


Marquan is an advocate committed to ensuring that every young person, particularly those in foster care, has access to essential mental health resources. He has dedicated his efforts towards the enhancement of the juvenile justice system, where he has joined forces with the Debt Free Justice to eliminate fees and fines for all youth. Additionally, he has advocated for prioritizing kinship care over congregate care to create the most culturally-aligned and nurturing environment for a child’s upbringing.

His motivation to do this work is deeply personal, rooted in his own experiences as a former foster youth who has transitioned through congregate care and kinship care. He has endured the separation from his brother and faced multiple mental health challenges. Tragically, his brother suffered an unjust fate at the hands of a system that was meant to safeguard him. It is these very personal experiences that drive his unwavering commitment to this work.