Social Justice in Kansas

Reforming the

Youth and Adult

Justice Systems

All Kansans should benefit from fair and effective systems of justice.

The number of individuals from Kansas who are currently serving time in jail or prison is on the rise, and our state currently has one of the country’s highest rates of driver’s license suspensions due to unpaid fees and fines. The juvenile justice system in our state continues to disproportionately punish Black and Brown youth, even as it transitions to community-based alternatives to incarceration.

When our state invests in restoration and support, instead of incarceration and instability, it invests in Kansans. Kansas Appleseed believes to confront deep-set flaws in our state’s adult and youth justice systems, we must work together and activate Kansans to advance effective policy solutions to build a more just Kansas.

Social Justice by the Numbers


45% of youth in juvenile correctional facilities have behavioral health needs.


151,549 adults in Kansas have suspended licenses because of unpaid court fees or fines.


Black youth in Kansas are 3 times more likely to be arrested and 7.3 times more likely to be in secure confinement.


Black Kansans are about 6% of the state’s population, but they account for 24% of all arrests in the state. The disparity in arrests has increased since 2013.


SOUL Family Legal Permanency Program

In partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, this program was designed by and for young people in foster care to reflect their vision of family and supportive adult networks.

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Strengthen Families Rebuild Hope

Kansas Appleseed is a part of the Strengthen Families Rebuild Hope (SFRH) coalition, an independent coalition formed in 2018 advocating for a better foster care system for Kansas kids. The coalition has convened town halls, produced reports on the status of Kansas’s foster care system, and advocated for statewide reforms. SFRH is comprised of youth who have experienced foster care, foster parents, social workers, and other allies.

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Kansas Appleseed’s research is essential for advocacy, providing the necessary data, insights, and networks to drive systemic change. Through research-informed advocacy, we can reform Kansas’s systems to create a more just, fair, and equitable state for all communities.

Join Us in Our Fight to Improve Social Justice in Kansas

In its current form, the Kansas foster care system isn’t good for children, families, or Kansas.

As Kansans, we must work together to build a state that cares for and supports all of its children.

Contact us about advocacy opportunities. We’ll provide the information, strategies, and motivation to create a supportive system that safely brings these beautiful children home.

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A Clear Vision of the Future for Kansas

All Kansans should have the resources they need to support themselves and raise healthy families.

All Kansans should be able to participate fully in their communities.

All Kansans benefit from a fair and effective system of justice.

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