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Kansas Appleseed Delivers Impact With Litigation in Kansas

In our effort to create systemic change, Kansas Appleseed often delves into issues that others aren’t paying attention to.  Sometimes, even though we’ve delivered the research, explained the consequences, uplifted individuals with lived experience, built support around the issue, and spoken to policymakers, change still doesn’t come. That’s when we turn to the courts.

Impact litigation is a legal strategy that has the power to set precedent or win policy change for generations to come. While our nation’s legal system has too often been used as a tool of oppression, impact litigation provides an opportunity to take back our institutions and bring down the hammer accountability. With a litigation director on our team and pro bono partners from around the country, Kansas Appleseed has been successful in seeking change that will impact tens of thousands of lives.



How Impact Litigation Works to Create Change

Also known as cause lawyering or public interest law, our impact litigation combines multiple strategies to protect and promote human rights in Kansas.

We don’t take issues to court as a first line of advocacy. However, when it’s necessary, Kansas Appleseed will intervene in systems of injustice through impact litigation to protect Kansans’ rights and well-being. Our advocates, lawyers, and analysts combine efforts to achieve the change Kansas needs.


Foster Care Law Suit

On July 8, 2020, Kansas officials and attorneys advocating for the rights of over 7,000 children in Kansas foster care agreed to an ambitious settlement plan.

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Wichita Gang List

For Black and LatinX folks in Wichita, equal justice under the law isn’t always possible. These Wichita community members have been surveilled, harassed, and punished specifically, often without notice and without cause.

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Litigation Partners

The fight to reform our state’s foster care system isn’t just important to Kansans; it is also important across the country. In our 2018 lawsuit (M.B. v. Howard), we partnered with these individuals and organizations to transform the broken foster care system and end years of victimization and trauma for Kansas children.

A Clear Vision of the Future for Kansas

All Kansans should have the resources they need to support themselves and raise healthy families.

All Kansans should be able to participate fully in their communities.

All Kansans benefit from a fair and effective system of justice.

Help Us Make an Impact in Kansas

We must ensure our state enables all its eligible citizens to participate in a positive society. Kansans, working together, can build a state full of thriving, inclusive, and just communities.

Contact us about advocacy opportunities. We’ll provide the information, strategies, and motivation to create a supportive system for Democracy.

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