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A More Thriving Kansas

Kansans are more likely to thrive when our state invests in families through strong safety net programs.

Kansas Appleseed advocates for building a thriving Kansas by promoting year-round access to SNAP food assistance and expanding Child Nutrition Programs.

Accessing SNAP benefits shouldn’t be an uphill battle for Kansas families. SNAP is an effective solution in the fight against hunger, and when our state limits food assistance programs, working-class families are negatively impacted.

Kansas Appleseed works with community partners to raise awareness about child nutrition programs. We aim to ensure that future generations of Kansans do not feel the burden of hunger.

Hunger is a policy choice.

1 in 7

1 in 7 Kansas children face food insecurity

1 in 15

1 in 15 people in Kansas utilize SNAP food assistance


More than 54% of SNAP users in Kansas are in working families


No-Cost School Nutrition

Imagine a world where every child has access to universal meals. Community Eligibility Provision, also known as universal free meals, is a viable option to make nutrition accessible to all children enrolled.

Schools that meet some basic guidelines can provide free lunch and breakfast to every student in their school.

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Strengthen Families Rebuild Hope

Kansas Appleseed is a part of the Strengthen Families Rebuild Hope (SFRH) coalition, an independent coalition formed in 2018 advocating for a better foster care system for Kansas kids. The coalition has convened town halls, produced reports on the status of Kansas’s foster care system, and advocated for statewide reforms. SFRH is comprised of youth who have experienced foster care, foster parents, social workers, and other allies.

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Kansas Appleseed’s research is essential for advocacy, providing the necessary data, insights, and networks to drive systemic change. Through research-informed advocacy, we can reform Kansas’s systems to create a more just, fair, and equitable state for all communities.


Join the Fight Against Food Insecurity in Kansas

In the breadbasket of America, no child should go hungry.

As Kansans, we are working together to build a state that cares for and supports all of its children. Join us in the fight to end childhood hunger.

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A Clear Vision of the Future for Kansas

All Kansans should have the resources they need to support themselves and raise healthy families.

All Kansans should be able to participate fully in their communities.

All Kansans benefit from a fair and effective system of justice.

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