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All Kansans should feel safe, welcomed, and able to participate fully in their communities under equal protection of the law. Kansas Appleseed’s approach to increase civic participation is twofold: preventing voter suppression laws from advancing and encouraging Kansans to vote.

In recent years, Kansas Appleseed has witnessed an alarming rise in voter suppression laws that disproportionately impact vulnerable communities, and we have challenged these laws in the Statehouse and in the courts.

We also work to increase voter turnout by educating Kansans about the issues that matter most to them and demonstrate how their vote has the power to change their lives and their community’s overall health.

Civic Engagement in Kansas


of Kansans are registered to vote.


of registered voters voted in the 2020 general election.


of registered voters voted in the 2022 midterm election.

Begin Your Advocacy

Guide to Legislative Session Advocacy

To guide you through this legislative session, download our Guide to Effective Advocacy. Join the movement to build a stronger Kansas. Download the toolkit here.

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Beginner's Guide to Anti-Hunger Advocacy

The Beginner’s Guide to Anti-Hunger Advocacy is a comprehensive toolkit designed to assist in anti-hunger advocacy and empower you in your efforts post-legislative session. Our beginner’s guide includes the significance of anti-hunger work, key terms, and practical ways to engage. Download the toolkit here.

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Kansas Appleseed provides information, research, and connections for advocacy. Together, we can reduce voter suppression in Kansas and make sure every eligible Kansan can cast their vote without obstruction.


A Clear Vision of the Future for Kansas

All Kansans should have the resources they need to support themselves and raise healthy families.

All Kansans should be able to participate fully in their communities.

All Kansans benefit from a fair and effective system of justice.

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