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Advocate for Comprehensive Solutions With Kansas Appleseed Research

We are a nonpartisan advocacy organization working on a future that is more thriving, inclusive, and just.

To do this at the legislative levels, you must have accurate and reliable research to support your position, explain your objectives, and illustrate why things must change for the better. We make this research available to the public for like-minded organizations to use and for individuals to understand what they need the Kansas legislation to do.

Statewide Efforts, Backed by Focused Research

Our staff works statewide, defending rights in all Kansas communities, including the ones in which they live. As we engage with Kansas legislators and Kansans in every county, we gather resources, collate information, and create useful reports that give accurate views on the issues at hand.

We also employ a research and policy analyst, delivering high-quality research to drive real change in Kansas communities and give a voice to the people which policy actions affect most.



SOUL Family Legal Permanency Program

In partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, this program was designed by and for young people in foster care to reflect their vision of family and supportive adult networks.

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Strengthen Families Rebuild Hope

Kansas Appleseed is a part of the Strengthen Families Rebuild Hope (SFRH) coalition, an independent coalition formed in 2018 advocating for a better foster care system for Kansas kids. The coalition has convened town halls, produced reports on the status of Kansas’s foster care system, and advocated for statewide reforms. SFRH is comprised of youth who have experienced foster care, foster parents, social workers, and other allies.

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Litigation Partners

The fight to reform our state’s foster care system isn’t just important to Kansans; it is also important across the country. In our 2018 lawsuit (M.B. v. Howard), we partnered with these individuals and organizations to transform the broken foster care system and end years of victimization and trauma for Kansas children.

A Clear Vision of the Future for Kansas

All Kansans should have the resources they need to support themselves and raise healthy families.

All Kansans should be able to participate fully in their communities.

All Kansans benefit from a fair and effective system of justice.

Join Us in Our Fight to Improve Social Justice in Kansas

In its current form, the Kansas foster care system isn’t good for children, families, or Kansas.

As Kansans, we must work together to build a state that cares for and supports all of its children.

Contact us about advocacy opportunities. We’ll provide the information, strategies, and motivation to create a supportive system that safely brings these beautiful children home.

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