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Gaye Tibbets (she/her)

President of Board

Gaye Tibbets’ married and very smart mother was fired from her teaching job in 1963 because she was pregnant, and children should not see a pregnant woman. No wonder Gaye became an employment discrimination lawyer. She has devoted her practice to assisting employers and employees in creating and sustaining workplaces that promote opportunities for everyone–even pregnant women.

Gaye is a partner at Hite, Fanning & Honeyman and has tried 30-40 jury trials. She loves the courtroom and advocacy. She served as the first Executive Director of Kansas Appleseed back in 2000-2002 and has been on the board since then.

As a lawyer, she often sees the same problems repeat over and over with little opportunity to change the system that creates or fails to address the problem. Kansas Appleseed focuses on root causes and on giving voice to those who often do not have an advocate and these things appeal to Gaye’s values of fairness and efficiency.